Logo Artwork requirements

All artwork, graphic files must be black and white line art—no colors or grays (shading) are allowed. This is because all parts that are not white will be imprinted in a single color usually gold or silver to match "Holy Bible". You can submit the file as a gif, jpg, tif, png, eps, pdf, or Adobe Photoshop file. Make sure that the resolution is good enough so that it's very smooth when printed in the desired size.

What about Size and Placement?

Because of the texture of Bible binding material and the pressure needed to leave a good impression, logo imprints are almost always less than 3 wide and less than 2 inches tall, and are most commonly are no wider than two inches. The location of  the imprint depends on the Bible you choose. For example, placement would likely be in the lower 1/3 center on a Bible with "HOLY BIBLE" already imprinted on the front cover.
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